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Acquired Experience

Privilege to work with many pharmaceutical companies

We have had an opportunity and privilege to work with many pharma-ceutical companies and innovative technology platforms to support their efforts in the research and development process. We have been engaged in clinical trials of both drugs and medical devices.

Noblewell has acquired experience to create optimal study design and develop protocols for research programs that extend from close-finding safety and efficacy studies to large sample-size registration trials and pharmacoeconomic evaluations. For several years, we have been helping to improve worldwide healthcare by providing a broad range of contract research services and partnering solutions.

We are experienced in providing services for both pharmaceutical and medical device research in areas such as oncology, cardiology, dermatology, pulmonology, wound healing, neurology, and autoimmune diseases.

Our experience includes working with global companies as well as with small start-up firms. We have also cooperated with non-profit organizations focused on ensuring patient safety in clinical trials and approaching unmet diseases and conditions. We would be happy to provide you with references from our current and past clients.

What is more, we have acquired broad experience in introducing various medical devices into the market. We have cooperated with innovative technology platforms to support their efforts in research and development process.

Approaching Our Partners' Needs

Noblewell is ready to lead you through every step of your study

Whether your study is a small sample first-in-human trial, a dose-ranging, or a multi-centre Phase II or III study, Noblewell is able to provide you with all the necessary assistance. Thanks to our knowledge of regulations, and the state of healthcare in the region, we are ready to assist you in any stage and with every aspect of conducting the trial.

Our Growth and Our Assets

Noblewell has shown steady organic growth since its founding years. This growth enables us to maintain the core values which have been the heart of the company since its inception. Across all our offices, we engage the same practices to ensure consistency of the highest standards.

Understanding and Efficiency

We have proven to be efficient

We understand the complexity of both regulatory and scientific affairs that every medical product has to meet before reaching the patient. Noblewell has contributed to the introduction of innovative pharmaceutical solutions and medical devices, among others, in the areas of oncology, cardiology, wound healing and nephrology. We have also broad experience in providing services to numerous clients requiring assistance during first clinical use of medical devices.

Adjusting to the Changing Conditions

Because of our responsiveness to our clients' needs, we are able to react quickly to any changes.