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Clinical Research Services

Full range of CRO services

Noblewell provides a full range of CRO services from pre-clinical testing to Phase I-IV of clinical research for both drugs and medical devices. We lead our clients through four phases of clinical development. We have proven to be effective both during the first phases requiring small number of patents as well as during further phases demanding larger number of research subjects.

Our responsiveness to the changing situation reflects our clients' needs and ensures the most effective manner of cooperation.

Key to your success

The variety of our offerings allows us to work with you to create the unique program you need, whether you are a large or small pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical device company.

We have built a strong portfolio of services approaching the world's need for fast pace and excellence.

Our Portfolio

We offer the following services associated with clinical research and clinical trials:

• Project Design & Management
• Site Selection & Feasibility Research
• Obtaining EC/CA approvals
• Site Initiation & Recruitment Support
• Clinical monitoring
• Site Management Services
• Clinical Supply & Lab Services
• Data Management, RDC/e-CRFs
• Pharmacovigilance & Medical Affairs
• Medical Writing & Analysis
• Post Marketing Surveillance
• Personnel Outsourcing